Flat Rate Conference Calls by Sparks

Coporate Audio Teleconferencing Services

Flat Rate Conferencing™"
It's the new 'buzz word' of the year and we're the founding 'buzzers' …No more 'per-minute' charges! For as little as $99 per month*, you can have all of the conference calls you need.


Affordable Toll-Free Conferencing
Available for as low as $0.18 per minute/per line. To save even more money, for $45 per month, you can place your own toll-free number over your $99 exclusive conference line and use your own long distance companies per minute rate.


Operator Attended Conference Calls
For $0.35 (Toll-Free) or $0.22 (Direct-Dial) per minute/per line, utilize one of our professionally trained Operators to meet and greet your participants as they enter your call.


Operator Dial-Out Conference Calls
For $0.35 (Toll-Free) or $0.22 (Direct-Dial) per minute/per line, one of our highly trained Operators can call your participants invited to your call.

 How many of you like to figure out how something works or learn why something has to cost what it does? Well, if you're one of those people, we're about to give you the low down on the audio conferencing industry …

More and more companies are recognizing the importance of a conference call as a viable communication tool, but they are not reaping the same savings they do with say, their long distance calls or wireless services. Why? Because they don't realize they can! All of the calls around the world use the same fiber to travel, whether it is for voice calls or for conference calls. There is absolutely no reason why anyone has to pay the prices they do for conference calls. And, another aspect that is important to point out is that most of the conference companies (including us) use the SAME vendors for their conferencing equipment. We have the same exact equipment as the leading long distance carriers - the only true difference is the savings.