Flat Rate Conference Calls by Sparks

Flat Rate Conferencing

Sparks coined the term "Flat Rate Conferencing™" because we wanted to start saving our customers money. There is absolutely no reason to pay per minute prices on direct dial in conference services. Per minute pricing on direct dial in services gauge the customer and make any monthly billing very confusing. We want it to be as simple as possible for you to use our services. We also want to make sure that you realize you are only cutting pricing, NOT quality. We use the same exact equipment as the leading long distance companies and our conference calls travel across the same fiber around the World as the other companies. The only reason the other conference companies charge the astronomical pricing that they do is because they can. No one has challenged their rates - until now

$99 per month
One-Time $25 Activation Fee
FREE Personal Greeting for first month
FREE 30 days with Flat Rate Conferencing™ (includes 8-line Block)

Flat Rate Conferencing™ can save your company literally hundreds to thousands of dollars every month. We feel that it is time to get conference calling services down to an acceptable level, just as wireless and long distance pricing have done. In fact, we are so certain you will be satisfied with our services; your first 30 days are FREE. The $99 per month covers up to eight lines with unlimited conference calls, 24 hours per day. You may purchase each additional line for $15 per month or you may buy additional 'blocks' of eight lines for $99 per month. It's that simple. For added benefits, you can attach one of OUR toll-free numbers or one of YOUR toll-free numbers to your conference line and give the toll-free number out to people you wish to pick up the tab on. (I.e., potential customers, clients, etc.) The great thing about this service is that you can pick and choose who gets what type of number (HUGE SAVINGS) - provide the toll-free number to clients or prospects and the direct-dial number to fellow employees or associates. After all, do people from within your organization really need you to provide them with a toll-free number in order to attend your meetings? You're paying their phone bill already!

Another added benefit would be to place a personalized greeting on your conference line, announcing your company name and slogan each time a guest enters your calls. For your first month, your personal greeting is FREE.

The only thing you have to lose is an entire month of conferencing expenses!

We have tried to think of everything possible to make your conferencing experience the most economical, easy, and enjoyable it can be. Let us know if we've missed anything.