Flat Rate Conference Calls by Sparks
How to enter the system

After obtaining a conference access number from Sparks (whether it is a Toll-Free Conference Access Number or a Direct-Dial Conference Access Number), you will distribute this number to your invited participants and specify the time and day that they should dial into our system.

You and your Participants will then dial into our system at the time of your call (it is always recommended that the "hosts" of the calls access the bridge 5-10 minutes prior to the scheduled conference times to greet the participants as they enter - unless utilizing our "Operator Attended" services.)

Upon entering our conference bridges, you and your guests will be given a general greeting message requesting that you enter your four-digit conference code (this greeting can be personalized to your company). Once you have entered your four-digit access code, the bridge will automatically place you and your participants into the appropriate conference.

Your conference call is now active at this point and will remain fully interactive unless "muted" by the host of the call.