Flat Rate Conference Calls by Sparks

How to Record your call

The following are step-by-step instructions to guide you through the procedure of recording your conference call. If you have any questions regarding these instructions, please do not hesitate to contact your Sparks Communications Specialist at (800) 799-8233.

After you have successfully entered your conference call and are ready to begin recording, press star two (*2) on your keypad - (You may begin recording at any time during your scheduled conference call. You do not necessarily have to start in the very beginning).
The automated attendant will ask you to enter the 'conference file number', followed by the pound (#) key. Your 'conference file number' is on your confirmation.
The automated attendant will verify the number that you have entered. If this number is correct and you wish to proceed with the recording, press (1). If the file number is not correct and you wish to re-enter the number, press (2). You may press the star key (*) to cancel at any time.
The automated attendant will then notify you that your conference recording has started.
When you wish to stop recording, you may press star two (*2) at anytime. The automated attendant will then notify you that your conference recording has stopped - (You will need to request another file number from your Communications Specialist if you are going to re-record, as the system will not allow you to re-record on the same file number).
If you do not wish to press star two (*2) to end your recording, the recording will automatically end when the last HOST hangs up from the conference call.
PLEASE NOTE: Only the HOST performing the tasks listed above will hear the automated attendant and tones of the keypad. The other hosts and guests of the call will be in a muted 'space' until the recording has started. Also, the person performing these tasks MUST call in on the HOST code of the conference call.

Be certain to contact your Sparks Communications Specialist at (800) 799-8233 to make any additional arrangements concerning your call recording (i.e., audio tapes, call playbacks, etc.)

You may call technical support during your recording if you have questions. The support hours are 8AM to 8:30PM Monday through Thursday, 8AM to 5PM Fridays, and 4PM to 8:30PM Sundays (all PST.) The toll-free number is (800) 899-7779, or you can e-mail us at support@callsparks.com.