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Save Money & Time with Flat Rate Conference Calls!
Sparks Communications Inc. pioneers Flat Rate Conferencing™, replaces travel expenses and puts businesses back in the green.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA-May 1, 2002 (PRB) - The Communications industry has come a long way in the 20th century, with savings seen everywhere from wireless to long distance services. It is time those savings were reflected in audio conferencing as well. "Conference calls use the same fiber across the Nation that long distance services use. Other than the specialized equipment that combines several callers onto one call, there is really not a lot of differences between a regular long distance call and a conference call", states Sparks' VP of Operations, Chad Sparks. Chad also states, "there is no 'per-minute' cost to us for having our customers use their own long distance to call into our conference bridges. This is why we have founded Flat Rate Conference Calling to pass the savings along." For as low at $99 per month, you can own your own conference number and conduct calls all day long. You only have to pay per-minute pricing if you use Sparks' toll-free services and even then you can pay a flat rate of $45 per month and use your OWN toll free number and take advantage of your own low rates. Flat Rate conference calls can save companies hundreds or even thousands of dollars each month.

In over 6 years of offering quality Audio Conferencing and connecting businesses spread throughout the world, Sparks Communications has gone one-step further with Flat Rate Audio Conferencing. Flat Rate Conferencing™ enables individual callers to take advantage of their own, low-cost long distance rates while only paying a monthly flat rate for their conference calls. This new twist to billing for conferencing services eliminates the 'per minute' charges and gives the savings and control back to the customer. There is no need to pay per-minute pricing on direct dial-in services. While using a direct dial conference number, you should be able to use your own, negotiated long distance rates and save hundreds of dollars in the process. To curb any hesitancy on such a fantastic savings, it's important to point out that Sparks uses the same exact, state-of-the-art equipment as the leading long distance companies. "There are only a handful of audio conferencing bridge manufacturers and we use the best. The quality of a conference call is the same as if you were making a regular long distance phone call. Everything is digitally enhanced and up-to-date, utilizing the latest technology," adds Fokke De Vries, Sparks' IT Director. "You are only cutting costs, not quality."

As our nation rebuilds from the tragedy of September 11th, businesses have found that less travel, does not always mean less business. "Companies in 2002 are doing business at the speed of the Internet. Sparks has replaced the traditional 'face to face' meetings with our Flat Rate Conferencing™ and have found a safe, effective solution to saving time and money. Since majority of the conferencing Service Bureau's use the same manufacturers for their conference bridges, the only thing that sets us apart is old-fashioned Customer Service and the savings. In fact, we automatically offer the first 30 days of conferencing* FREE of charge so that you don't have to take our word for it. The only thing you have to lose is a month's worth of conferencing expenses!" states Rhonda Sparks, Founder and President of Sparks Communications Inc.
*First 30 days free include up to 8 lines for 24/7 availability. A $25 activation fee required.

About Sparks Communications:
As the founders of Flat Rate Conferencing™, Sparks Communications provides quality Audio Conferencing, Voicemail, Fax-on-Demand and other valuable communication services. Sparks Communications utilizes state-of-the-art teleconferencing equipment, made by the leading manufacturers and used by fellow long-distance giants. Headquartered in Northern California, Sparks Communication's span reaches customers worldwide.

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