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Teleconferencing Helps You Build A Business Empire

By Nahshon DeMore

You balk as you look at the phone bill. In the three months it took your company to branch out to a location three continents away from where you are, you've spent enough money on phone bills to buy both an apartment in New York and a Porsche. What worries you the most is that you know this isn't the end of the story, or your phone bills. With key members of your staff calling each other almost every hour, you know those bills would remain as high as your blood pressure level.

With this pressing reality in mind, why not turn to teleconferencing? Teleconferencing is a meeting involving people in various places around the world. They talk to teach other using telephones or video links to communicate with each other. The good thing about teleconferencing is that it lets you keep dynamic lines of communication open for only a fraction of the usual costs. In recent years, more and more companies are turning to teleconferencing for their communication needs.

Good News 
The good news is that teleconferencing is a competitive market. To edge their competition out of the picture, more and more teleconferencing service providers are offering rates that cut your phone bills by as much as 40%.

You can use such cutthroat competitive practices to your advantage. After all, not only is teleconferencing cheap enough as it is, promos and discounts make it even more so. Clearly, you can turn to teleconferencing to stretch the value of your business dollar.

Benefits of Teleconferencing 
You already know teleconferencing lets you save on phone bills. But there's more. It lets you save on transportation costs, too. With teleconferencing, your supervisors and specialists need not fly from the main office to the branch. You need not dispatch a troubleshooter at the first hint of problems in your branch. Neither will your managers need to hop on a plane just to brainstorm for a possible solution to slumping sales.

With teleconferencing, no one needs to leave his or her seat. Your company's key players can talk to each other over the speakerphone!

Another benefit of teleconferencing is that it lets you speak to a roomful of people without the hassle of jostling for breathing air or leg room. It also lets you share documents, reports, and files in real time through downloads. This lets you save on one other crucial aspect of the company budget: courier services. With teleconferencing, you can say goodbye to costly courier services. Bulky reports that have to be sent to the main office before any general meeting can be forwarded over the Internet, thanks to teleconferencing.

While teleconferencing has certainly revolutionized the way companies do business, it is not without its flaws. Topping the list of complaints is poor connection. There are calls that don't go through, and documents that don't find their recipient. This problem, however, can be easily remedied by an in-house technician.

Another drawback to teleconferencing is the informal atmosphere that it conveys, particularly during meetings. Because participants do not meet each other in the same room, the corporate hierarchy is challenged. Many junior executives are lulled into a false sense of "we are all equal here" security. This can be easily solved, however. By strongly enforcing company culture during meetings other than teleconferencing, teleconferences need not become an informal affair.

Teleconferencing just might be the push your business needs towards a brighter and more cost-efficient future. With teleconferencing, you can save funds and spend these on more worthwhile ventures, such as dominating the online education market, or setting up your own dictatorship. Yes, even would-be tyrants need teleconferencing.

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